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Sabana de la Mar: Los Haitises ATV Ride, Boat & Kayaking, Hiking Experience

Visiting Los Haitises National Park with a Atv Ride (Four wheels) and boat by the mangroves. This is a Full and complete experience in Sabana de la mar to Los Haitises. Mangroves, local food, Expert tour Guide, caves in Los Haitises plus amazing hike in the rain forest.



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Join this adventure of ATV Ride, Boat & Kayaking, Hiking Experience To Los Haitises National Park with our local travel guides from Hato Mayor province,  before your ride meet our team and go around the charming town of Sabana de la Mar, located ten kilometers from Los Haitises, between Samana Bay and Punta Cana this experience will emerge you in local ecotourism and adventures from La Capital De Los Haitises “Sabana de la Mar”, During the tour we will visit rural areas from town to Los Haitises port this is a 10 kilometers ride where you can expect to see the local farmers who go everyday to their land and cows cross the road while driving your ATV, also going on a hike, boat ride and kayaking experience to San Lorenzo bay and learn about the mangroves and tainos history.


La Capital de Los Haitises “Sabana de la Mar” is a fishing town located on the northeast of the Dominican Republic, is known as the Capital of Los Haitises National Park because it is the door of this very important place, this town is around three of the most important natural reserve of the country: Los Haitises, La Jalda Waterfall and the Silver Bank (this is where the Humpback Whales come every year).


Los Haitises National Park & San Lorenzo Bay

The park is generally known to the tourist trade for its caves with pre-Columbian Taíno petroglyphs and its ragged coastline of islands and mangroves.  Many excursions depart from Sabana de la Mar, which caters to a mix of high-end and adventure tourists, but the same tours can be arranged from Sabana de la Mar as well.



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Officials Ecologist tour guides English/Spanish


Los Haitises National Park

ATV Ride 


Boat Ride







Departure & Return


The tour, organized by “Booking Adventures” starts at the meeting point set with the Tour Guide. The traveler will get a meeting point after the Reservation Process. Tours start and Finish in our meeting points.


What To Expect?


Get your ticket for Sabana de la Mar: ATV Ride, Boat & Kayaking, Hiking Experience  To Los Haitises National Park, this experience will give you the opportunity to see most of the biodiversity of the island. 



ATV ride & Boat & Kayaking, Hiking Experience 


Staring up by: 9:00 am 


This morning after you meet up with our team we will spend an hour driving your Fourth Wheel From Sabana de la Mar to Los Haitises National Park Port riding your ATV through the rural area of this town. As you drive around to the different locations you will feel the mountain air and enjoy the beauty of the countryside. We can get to the different locations for this tour. Buy your ticket online now and let’s have fun learning about Sabana de la Mar and Dominican Republic culture as you travel around to the best locations of the town.


Ones you get to Los Haitises National Park port we are taking you in a hiking, kayaking and boat ride adventures to learn about this National Park, an unique treasure with very diverse forest where over 110 species of birds are found, the limestone are a very important resource for rock climbers who come to experience one the best rock climbing trip of the country, kayaking, birding, and hiking. 


After your ATV and Hiking Experience we will provide some local fresh lunch and give you some time before you head back to your final destination. 


At the end of the day, we will take you back to your original location or accommodation.  In Sabana de la mar / Cano Hondo. 


Done by: 3:00 pm


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