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Booking Adventures was founded in 2010 by Misael Calcaño Silven and Halle Alberto Jackson and since that humble beginning it has grown into a trusted resource that has helped tens of thousands of people better enjoy their travel. Our experienced staff at Booking Adventures is dedicated to providing the highest-quality tour packages for you, your family and friends.
Our #1 Priority is your Complete Satisfaction!
  • Peace-of-mind Travel/Cancellation protection available
Come over and enjoy an experience never seen, becoming an unforgettable adventure, wherever you want to go we´ll make a safe package for you.
We are looking forward to see you!

Booking Adventures Online is a website to find all the economic and real prices of tours and excursions in the Dominican Republic. You will not be able to find a cheaper tour anywhere than on this website. Why? We work with local small business tour guides where you pay for the tours directly. We are not large companies or Tour operators, we are local people.


The best services of Local Ecotourism Guides. Checked by all customers.

Every day we modify the activities to your liking. So our guests enjoy their tours to the fullest.

Find the Offers and new Excursions in Ecological areas. Discounted promotions.

We are Greens and our goal is activities to enjoy nature.

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