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What is an Open Ticket?

It is a ticket type bought in advance allowing travelers to schedule their travels as they wish.


Why to Book an Open Ticket?

The main advantage of an open ticket is that you are not required to choose a specific day of your journey. You can simply buy an open ticket in advance and figure out later about the day of your experience. It’s convenient for travelers who know they’d like to make a trip but would like to decide later about the date depending on their plans, weather, etc. In case your flight is canceled or you are not able to make the trip, just simply cancel your reservation. No extra fees for open ticket.


When Do I have to decide about the day of the trip?

At least 24 hours before your trip.


What about if I want to cancel my open ticket?

For full refund you have to cancel your open ticket at least 14 days before the departure.


How can I get an Open Ticket?

Very easy! Contact us by our live chat or whatsapp +1 829 280 4655.

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